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24 October 2008

Australian Government attempting to filter the Internet

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The Australian Government (led by Stephen Conroy) is continuing it’s attempt to filter the Internet. When will they stop wasting my tax money on such schemes which are generally acknowledged as being ineffective. Rather than trying to promote cheap, affordable, broadband access for the country they continue trying to put in filters which will just slow it down.

Rather than reiterate all the arguments against the scheme here I’ll point to several articles which already outline many of the problems:


12 June 2008

Predictive text not always available

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In several places, particularly in the web browser, predictive text is not available. Specifically, when entering a a URL or bookmark name predictive text can not be activated. Pressing “#” cycles between “abc”, “ABC”, and “123”, none of which have the “…” for predictive text. This unnecessarily slows down text entry on these screens.

E51 charging

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The Nokia E51 doesn’t charge when connected via USB. This means I need yet another different type of phone charger, rather than being able to use a standard USB cable or charger.

11 June 2008

Phone menu efficiency

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The menus on Nokia’s E51 are inefficient to navigate. To get the 3rd menu item requires pressing Menu, down twice, and select: a total of 4 keypresses. What would be much more efficient would be to have each menu item numbered, and accessible by pressing the corresponding key. For example, to access the 3rd I could simply press Menu, “3”.

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